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Are You In Negative Equity? Do You Own A Property That Requires Renovation Or Has Become Unmortgageable?

Do you own a property in that now requires extensive renovation for it to become habitable, or it has become unmortgageable for various reasons?  Are you suffering from negative equity?  Are you a landlord looking to exit the market?

Sometimes you can feel like a prisoner when a property has fallen into disrepair and there seems to be no way out.  The costs of advertising with an estate agent, putting it to auction, and paying solicitors fee's can seem very daunting, especially when money is tight.


We Will Buy ANY Property!

The benefit of this for you the seller is that the selling time is dramatically reduced.  Normally a buyer would have to apply for a mortgage (if the house is mortgageable), wait for a valuation, and then fill in multiple forms; all of which takes up valuable time.

A purchase from ourselves means that the sale process goes straight to the conveyancing stage, with a completion possible in just 4 weeks.


Are You An Existing Landlord Looking To Exit The Market?

Has being a landlord simply become too much for you?  Are you trapped into being a landlord due to negative equity?  Are you looking to escape this pressure and to stop worrying?

We have a number of options at our disposal which can help you, get in touch today for a chat to see how we can help you.

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