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10% Minimum Guaranteed Return

Looking to get a better return from your savings than what the banks are offering? 

We offer a GUARANTEED Minimum 10% ROI 

Receive Your Investment Back Within 12 Months

 Receive your initial investment plus your minimum 10% ROI within 12 months 

Compound Your Investment

Looking to grow your investment fund?  Re-invest your return to increase your possible ROI to 33% over a 12 month period 

Are Your Savings Working Hard Enough For You?

What are the options for your existing savings that will enable you to maximise the income potential?

*  ISA's - The current top performing ISA has an interest rate of 2.1%

*  Savings Bond - You can get up to 2.2% interest in a fixed savings bond

*  Traditional Savings Accounts - Here you can get between 1.5%-2.5% interest (Easy access and Fixed) 

 Have you considered Property Private Financing?

Did you know that you can receive a minimum 10% ROI over a 12 month period, helping your savings to grow faster than what they would using traditional methods?  Read below to see how this would work for you.

How Does Investing Work?


We firmly believe that for this type of partnership to work, both parties need to have confidence with each other.  The process starts with simple communication - lets talk!  Communication is key here, we need to understand what you as the investor are looking for, and you as the investor need to understand how we operate.  Once we have established this understanding, we can then discuss the opportunities that are available.

We also offer the chance to site visit our current renovations, whether they are completed or currently under renovation, so that you can see our work in action.

Choosing Your Investment

We are continuously looking to source properties.  We use traditional methods such as Estate Agents and auctions, as well as Direct To Vendor, where we actively go into the local area and physically search for properties.

Once we understand your needs as an investor, we will then discuss the property options that we have available.  This will include details of the purchase price, legal fee's, refurb costs and projected end value.  We also take large numbers of photographs, as well as having floor plans, so that you as the investor can review the numbers, and then make an educated decision of your investment.

Securing Your Investment

All investments are handled by solicitors.  At no point do we physically have access to your money, and this gives you the investor the piece of mind that your money is going to be handled in the correct manner.  We will also pay for you to speak to an independent solicitor (of your choosing), so that you can receive legal advice before proceeding.  This gives you the confidence that you are getting the correct advice on your investment decision.  

Once we have progressed through this stage, the money that you are investing is protecting by putting a "Legal Charge" on the property.  This is very similar to how a mortgage lender secures their loan against a property owner.  As the investor it enforces your rights to the property, and is recorded at the land registry.  The result is that you have a legal right over the property, and your investment fund is protected.    

Regular Updates

Once the project has started we will update you with daily & weekly updates (Dependant upon the stage of renovation) on how the project is progressing, along with detailed pictures.   As the investor you are more than welcome to visit on site to see how the renovation is progressing, or have a telephone to keep you updated on your investment progress.

Receive Your Return

Our current properties are purchased to sell.  We aim to have renovations completed within 4-8 weeks (Dependant upon refurbishment requirements).  With most properties we actually begin to market the property after just 4 weeks to begin to gain interest in the property.  The result is that in some cases we have had offers accepted before the property has fully been completed.  We aim to have the property fully sold in between 4-6 months from receiving the keys, so that you receive a full years worth of interest at 10%!  The actual result is that your ROI is far higher than 10%, giving you better results for investment!

Maximising Your ROI

Our aim is to have our renovated properties on the market within 2 weeks of ownership, renovated fully within 8 weeks, and the sale process completed fully within 4 months.

Using these time scales, lets see how an initial investment of £10k could grow:

Months 1-4:  £10k + £1k = £11,000

Months 4-8:  £11k + £1.1k = £12,100

Months 8-12:  £12.1k + £1.21k = £13,310. 

The above scenario gives the investor a growth of £3,310 on the original investment, or 33.1% ROI.  Of course the above was the best case scenario, but even 2 flips within a 12 month period results in a return of £2,100 (21% ROI).  This shows how compound growth can positively work to grow your investment capital.   

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